101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution by Claire Wolfe

By Claire Wolfe

From the a long way reaches of the human brain, come those stories of unrestrained, anti-authoritarianism. No govt, no leaders, no authority, no principles, and entire freedom of motion Egoism, solipsism, anarchism, and different heresies -- now published to deprave your brain We don't desire a weatherman to grasp which method the wind blows -- yet we do desire the likes of Claire Wolfe, whose ebook deals one hundred and one feedback to aid grease the wheels as we roll in the direction of the government's inevitable cave in. "Kill you TV... subscribe to a gun-rights group... Fly the Gadsden flag... purchase and hold the Citizens" Rule Book... subscribe to the tax protesters on April 15... Bury gold, weapons, and goodies..". Wolfe's checklist is long and thought-provoking, as she elaborates on every piece of recommendation, from generalities to specific directions. For the involved citizen who needs to maintain a low profile, shield his or her rights, and continue to exist within the "interesting times" that are guaranteed to come, this can be crucial analyzing.

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