50 Things Liberals Love to Hate by Mike Gallagher

By Mike Gallagher

National radio speak express host Mike Gallagher offers a cautious research into the psyche of the liberal brain, utilizing humor and irony to either entertain and instruct.

America, how does the liberal hate thee? allow us to count number the methods . . .

It’s exertions being a liberal nowadays. not just do an insignificant 20 percentage of usa citizens establish themselves as liberal, yet it is easy to pass broke assisting a thin double-decaf Starbucks behavior. On most sensible of that, if you hate issues such a lot americans love, it’s tiring to need to perpetually correct/educate/fix/enlighten the negative dullards available in the market who simply are looking to get pleasure from their lives. Which, taken as a complete, makes the common liberal lonely, brief on money, and mad as hell! So, within the spirit of the compassion they themselves espouse, 50 issues Liberals like to Hate is fact spoken with love, a call for participation to the disenfranchised: it’s now not too overdue, liberals, to affix the joys! C’mon, crack open a Bud and throw one other T-bone at the grill. yet kindly cost your disdain on the door in terms of:

WALMART: How a couple of hand-crafted, in the community sourced flat-screen tv as an alternative?

STEAKHOUSES: There’s no steamed tofu in this menu.

McDONALD’S: The stranger within the playground handing out sweet to youngsters.

FLAG PINS: It’s ok to love the USA, yet now not sufficient to put on it in your lapel.

FOOTBALL: warfare with cleats and pads.

THE V-8 ENGINE: There’s simply anything undeniable incorrect approximately all that energy and freedom less than the regulate of 1 individual.

SUCCESS: if you happen to earn more money than the remainder of us, it hurts our emotions.

THE FOUNDING FATHERS: a number of previous white men who're making it approximately most unlikely for contemporary govt to choose our medical professionals, train our youngsters, right our diets, and shop our funds.

. . . and forty two different issues that experience liberals packing a few severe hate. Mike Gallagher—America’s sixth-ranked radio speak convey host and Fox information contributor—skewers liberal lunacy with slicing irony and scathing wit. listed here are 50 indicators of a liberal brain implosion, all darn solid purposes to fasten the doorways, crank up the A/C, activate the sport, and allow the countdown start. . . .

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You’ve ever written Richard Petty’s name on a presidential ballot . . You’re not actually able to read The Richard Petty Story, but you sure do like to look at the pictures . . The only book you own is The Richard Petty Story . . You spell out NASCAR in Christmas lights . . You’ve spent more time on the top of a Winnebago than in one . . You know the “back way” to Talladega . . You can change a tire faster than you can change a diaper. But in the end, what underlies the hatred that liberals have for NASCAR and its fans is the sense that they simply don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

Fitness expert Chazz Weaver came out with a documentary to rebut Spurlock’s, but got very little media buzz. He ate at McDonald’s for thirty days, too, but with a very different meal selection, and with exercise. The result? He lost eight pounds and improved his blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. The food fascists love to hate on McDonald’s, but many other possible targets are somehow spared. Starbucks, which sells sugared carbohydrates by the crate, and high-calorie “coffee” drinks—which are essentially fancy milkshakes—is somehow curiously exempt from the fast-food hate you hear from the liberals.

But keep saying soothing words, encourage them to relax, and before you know it, they’ll be sitting back in their chairs and savoring the environment. And when the steak arrives at the table, you will have won the day. My guess is that for a lot of liberals, that’s all it’s going to take. One big bite of a red and dripping strip, maybe an onion ring or two, and for some of them it’s going to be the beginning of a long journey from tofurkey socialism to steakhouse free-market capitalism. So do your civic duty.

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