A bound for the least Gaussian prime w with a by Matsui H.

By Matsui H.

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At the nanoscale, modeling such physical behaviors means elaborate calculations; the more accurate the model, the more computationally demanding. Scaling laws are hand calculations that can help orient us to unfamiliar size scales and highlight the ways a smaller design might improve or inhibit performance. 1 The macro-, micro-, and nanoscales. Keep in mind that the dimensional range of these scales varies, depending on whom you ask. Some say the nanoscale truly begins below 100 nm. The blue arrows therefore serve as general guides and should be thought to overlap.

Since the topic is the future, the debate is fueled by speculation. For solutions that benefit the most people in the end, the discussion needs to be steered by people who understand the technology. Education across the board—from scientists to journalists to kindergartners—seems the best approach to ensure that nanotechnology is harnessed and used for the greatest good with the least harm. Museums, libraries, laboratories, schools, and members of industry each play a role in helping everyone understand what exactly nanotechnology means on both a global and a neighborhood scale.

The elephant’s characteristic dimension (meter) is 1000 times that of the flea (millimeter). The elephant is about 10003 (1 billion) times heavier than his companion and only 10002 (1 million) times stronger. Based on the strength-to-weight ratio determined above, if a flea can support something 100 times its body weight, then an elephant can only support something 1/10 its body weight. The example we just worked illustrates how small-scale devices can be relatively stronger than their macroscopic counterparts.

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