A Difficulty with Dwarves by Craig Shaw Gardner

By Craig Shaw Gardner

Whilst a wizard is not able to remedy his illness of magicks, he sends his apprentice Wuntnor to hunt reduction within the far away land of the jap Kingdoms that are ripe with fiendish peril.

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THE HOUSE AT WIZARD’S CORNER (fourth edition) by Ebenezum, Greatest Wizard in the Western Kingdom I turned the corner, onto the narrow street that led into the heart of Vushta. But my way was blocked by three young men, all close to my own age and all dressed in brown. Two of them were very large, perhaps taller than even Hendrek or the Dealer of Death. One of the tall ones smiled in my direction, his grin missing a couple of teeth. The other big fellow seemed to hardly notice me at all. He appeared instead to focus all his attention on a long, slightly curved knife which he twirled absently between his palms.

His voice rose above the collective sneezing. ‘Fellow wizards! ’ Half a dozen wizards tried to speak at once. None of them uttered more than a phrase before they rejoined their sneezing comrades. ’ Snorphosio exclaimed. ‘But then, who is to say how truly serious a situation can be? And who can put a limit on imagination? And exactly how serious is imagination, anyway? Or how imaginary is the limit of seriousness -‘ The theoretical wizard’s body shook with an effort of will. ‘No! I have no time for these musings.

I greeted both of them in turn. Hubert complimented me on my entrance and asked if I had ever seriously considered a career in show business. I told him I didn’t have time to think of it now, and briefly informed the two of them of the situation at the Wizards College and the upcoming meeting with Ebenezum. Hubert shook his head. ‘You shouldn’t be too hasty in a decision of this sort. There’s a place for you in our act! Besides, as you probably heard, we’re working on a major new opus, “The Ballad of Wuntvor,” for the big victory celebration this weekend.

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