A Disagreement with Death by Craig Shaw Gardner

By Craig Shaw Gardner

Wuntvor has stuck the chilly eye of demise himself, who seeks so as to add the hapless apprentice to his morbid minions...

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There seemed to be an edge of hysteria in its voice. ” Jeffrey objected to the giant’s humility. “It was a wonderful rescue. ” Cuthbert shrilled. “No ichor? No slicing? No dici—“ I slid the sword back into its scabbard. It obviously needed a rest. The large fellow blushed, his face as crimson as the setting sun. “Well, gee,” he murmured. “It’s so difficult to see what’s going on down there. There was all mis fog, and nobody seemed to be doing much of anything. And then the apprentice yelled. What was I to do?

For once, we are in agreement,” Snarks said, then added, “Why don’t you offer the creature one of your companions in exchange for the wizard? ” “Then again,” the Brownie reconsidered, “perhaps it is time to give this matter more thought. ” “I await your answer,” Death intoned. “Quickly, now! ” answered a deep voice behind me. “Oh, here we go again,” Death remarked fatalistically. “The longer we talk, the greater the number of companions to the Eternal Apprentice that will arrive. How many are there now?

Or perhaps it was something hiding in the fog. Or any number of things hiding in the fog. “—come to us, Wuntvor—“ I looked to my companions. We were all together, a tight-knit group. “—bring your friends—“ Hendrek and Snarks flanked me on either side, their weapons drawn. They were moving more cautiously than before. We had slowed our headlong rush to meet our destiny. The surrounding mist was far too strange. None of us could guess what might emerge from the dense grayness at any instant, and we all realized that we had to adjust our moves accordingly.

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