A grammar of the Kachin language by by Rev. O. Hanson.

By by Rev. O. Hanson.

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But this observation, and the "grammatical" choice of not using one to modify paper, is grounded in the assumption of what is normative for both the speaker and the hearer. Now suppose the hearer knows that the speaker never reads the papers, let alone the same paper every day. This increases the probability that the selection of a particular paper was in fact of some importance in this case, and thus increases the acceptability of referring to that paper as one paper in Hebrew. It is easy to see, then, that one could go on and on in constructing finer and finer pragmatic factors bearing on the choice of one, and that in principle they depend on the probabilistic judgment of "norm" and are therefore not a matter of categorial rule of grammar.

D. There is no potential confusion of the topic due to the pragmatics of specific noun-verb combinations. then V-first syntax predominates, with the subject either appearing postverbally, though most commonly appearing only as subject-agreement on the verb. 2. When one or more of conditions (a) through (d) above do not hold, S-V syntax is used, with either pronominal independent pronouns or definite full nouns. The speaker, it seems, has to assess how difficult it is likely to be for the hearer to assign the correct reference-identification of the subject.

The whole range of data on language variation—within the individual and across a community—was trivialized as a matter of dialect, idiolect, or performance lapses. The implications of extant variation for both sychronic "grammar" and diachronic change were completely ignored. 5. ^® In this fashion, after first trivializing the notions of theory and explanation, transformational-generative linguistics proceeded to trivialize the notion of data beyond recognition. What followed was an orgy of empirical irresponsibility, with one formal model chasing another in rapid succession, with data-free arguments that hinged upon purely formal notions of "economy" and "simplicity," and with linguistics as a whole becoming a sad caricature of late medieval scholasticism.

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