A grammar of Wambaya: Northern Territory (Australia) by Rachel Nordlinger

By Rachel Nordlinger

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One containing a phonemic long vowel) is morpheme-final, making a binary foot impossible, assign a strong degenerate foot. 24 This stem is segmentable into the verb root dagunia. 1. 25 The following discussion is based on the discussions of foot and metrical phonology contained in Durand (1990), Goldsmith (1990) and Nespor and Vogel (1986). It has also benefited from some helpful comments from John Hajek and Juliette Blevins. Although I have presented a cyclic, derivational account of stress placement, it would also be possible to reformulate this account within a constraint-based framework such as Optimality Theory (Prince and Smolensky 1993).

While it is often hard to tell what the realisation of this initial apical is in Wambaya when the word is uttered in isolation, in continuous speech it is usually heard as a retroflex. 6). 5 The lamino-palatal stop /j/ has a fricative allophone [3] which occurs in free variation with the stop allophone in intervocalic position, between two unstressed syllables. This fricative allophone is heard only in fast speech. For example: Phonemic form Gloss /bungmaji/ old man Phonetic form ['bur)maiji] ['bur)mai3i] (fast speech) Chadwick (1978:15) also recorded bilabial and velar fricative allophones in free variation with the respective stop allophones.

Firstly, the phonotactic constraint that all words must end in a vowel means that a lot of stems are vowelfinal. gijilulu . e. 4 STRESS PLACEMENT The stress placement rules for Wambaya are similar to those for Warlpiri as reported in Nash (1986). Stress placement in Wambaya is sensitive to morphological structure; each polysyllabic morpheme constitutes a new domain for the placement of stress. Generally stress falls on the first syllable of the stress domain and on each following alternate syllable, except that the final syllable usually does not carry any stress.

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