A Grammar of Yankunytjatjara by Cliff Goddard

By Cliff Goddard

Initially a Ph.D. thesis. This reprint publishes the thesis pages consistent with actual web page aspect.

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Women's primary economic activity was gathering vegetable foods, fruits as well as grain, a~ small protein sources such as eggs, birds, lizards. burrowing animals and grubs. Generally, gathering expeditions were more collect- ive than men's hunting, and would include children's labour. As in the economic, so in the spiritual/ritual sphere, men and women have virtually autonomous rights and responsibilities. Both sexes have custodianship over sacred sites and sacred objects, and obligations to perform or regulate rituals involving these.

Sipce the semantic representation· is itself an express- ion in natural language it should in principle be substitutable for the utterance or part of the utterance. whose meaning it is supposed -'to represent. Leibnitz (1949:356): "it is not eriouRh to make an abstract explication •. we must proceed to a paraphrase which may be substituted in its place, as the definition may be put in the place of the. thing defined". In fairness it must be conceded that there are some difficulties in applying this criterion.

A few like ~-ng 'give' and . ninti-1 'show' may take two accusative objects, and can be classified as di-transitive. sentences, and be classified as ambitransitive. Furthermore, there are some derived an~ compound 'cognate object' verbs,where the understood object is highly' specific in nature and not fully 'individuated~ which take ergative subjects but seldom or never take accusative objects (cf Austin 1980ms:3). >) and verbs of sound production (7. lf). 2·4). Th~re mostly based on the position'.

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