A Typology of Verbal Borrowings (Trends in Linguistics. by Jan Wohlgemuth

By Jan Wohlgemuth

The current paintings is the 1st in-depth cross-linguistic examine on personal loan verbs and the morphological, syntactic and sociolinguistic facets of personal loan verb lodging, investigating claims that verbs in general are more challenging to borrow than different elements of speech, or that verbs couldn't be borrowed as verbs and wanted a re-verbalization within the borrowing language.

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Rather, they have their roots in a long philological and linguistic tradition which has already been pointed out briefly in the previous section. In the remaining sections of this chapter, I want to further establish this research context by introducing some of the most influential studies on borrowing in general and on (verb) borrowability in particular. 3 11 Seminal works on borrowing An in-depth description of the research history and context or an account of all or even the most important previous studies in the field would be way beyond the scope and purpose of this book.

I also included data on the valency (values: intransitive, transitive, ditransitive, not applicable) of the loan verb in both the recipient and the donor languages. In addition, I included information on the verbhood of the form in both the donor and the recipient language (values: full verb, auxiliary verb, modal verb, coverb, preverb, participle, not a verb, undetermined/abstract). This information is crucial for the assessment of claims on (obligatory) noun-toverb conversion of borrowed verbs and to answer the question whether the borrowed word actually is a verb in both languages.

Bilingual compound verbs (Muysken 2000: 193), also labeled “bilingual complex verbs” (Muysken 2000: 217), on the other hand, are those that cannot function as full verbs in the recipient languages and therefore need to be combined with a native inflecting verb. Verb + adjoined (helping) verb is the combination of the borrowed verb and a (nonfinite) “helping verb” (called light verb in this work). Nominalization is the strategy where the borrowed lexeme is treated like a noun in a construction like do the x.

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