Above the Veil (The Seventh Tower, Book 4) by Garth Nix

By Garth Nix

A hero's journey...a conflict among worlds....With magical storytelling, this sequence vividly creates an complex global.

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Obviously there had once been many more people to sleep in them. But Tal was too tired to think about that. His wounded leg and the aftereffects of the water spider venom still troubled him. He was able to stay awake only long enough to complain about the Freefolk's primitive toilet and washing facilities (a stinking privy and cold water) before collapsing gratefully into a bed that was superior to most of the places he'd slept in the last few weeks. When he woke, ten hours later according to his Sunstone, Milla was gone, with Odris.

He was confused about how he felt about her. He'd just got used to the guarded enmity between them, which was better than when she'd wanted to kill him. "Milla," said Crow, twisting his face into an exaggerated leer. "I wouldn't mind--" "She'd kill you," said Tal. 12/30/2010 8:44 PM 42 of 89 file:///E:/Alam/e-books/The%20Seventh%20Tower%20-%20Garth%20N... "She liked me," said Crow. "I could tell. " Tal burst out. "After she tells the Crones what she knows, she's going to give herself to the Ice!

Good-bye, Uncle," said Tal. He bent down and hugged the old man, as usual surprised by Ebbitt's lightness. He was more fragile than he appeared. "Good-bye, Tal," said Ebbitt. As Tal started to straighten up, Ebbitt whispered in his ear, "Bring me back a cake. One of the ones made with almond meal and boiled oranges. " Tal nodded. "I will, Uncle," he said. "In return for that cake can I have two doses of the water spider antidote? " CHAPTER FIFTEEN Aided by the airweed and Gill's guidance, Milla found the entrance to the heatway tunnels without trouble.

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