Appendix to Bennetts Latin grammar, for teachers and by Charles E. Bennett

By Charles E. Bennett

Common Books ebook date: 2009 unique ebook date: 1895 unique writer: Allyn and Bacon topics: Latin language overseas Language examine / Latin Notes: it is a black and white OCR reprint of the unique. It has no illustrations and there is typos or lacking textual content. if you purchase the overall Books version of this e-book you get loose trial entry to the place you could choose between greater than 1000000 books at no cost. Excerpt: bankruptcy III. HIDDEN volume. 36. A hidden volume is the amount of a vowel sooner than consonants. one of these volume is named hidden, as exotic from the amount of a vowel sooner than a unmarried consonant, the place the metrical employment of the notice right away exhibits even if the vowel is lengthy or brief. the amount of a vowel prior to a mute with / or r is hidden until the syllable containing it look in verse used as brief. The tools of picking hidden volume are the subsequent : 1. exhibit testimony of historical Roman writers, e. g. Cicero, Orator, forty eight. 159, the place the primary for the size of vowels sooner than nf, ns is laid down (see § 37); Aulus Gellius, Nodes Atti- cae, ii. 17; iv. 17; ix. 6; xii. three. approximately each Roman gram marian furnishes a few little testimony of this sort, and notwithstanding a few of them belong to a relatively overdue interval, their facts frequently preserves the culture of previous utilization, and therefore is entitled to weight. 2. The versification of the sooner Roman dramatists, particularly Plautus and Terence, with whom a mute earlier than a liquid by no means lengthens a syllable whose vowel is brief. for this reason, ahead of a mute by means of a liquid, the amount of the vowel constantly appears to be like in those writers, being almost like the amount of the syllable, simply as in case of a vowel via a unmarried consonant. in addition, Plautus and Terence now not sometimes hire as brief many syllables which in classical poetry will be constantly lengthy via place. Examples are the next : juventus, Plautus, Most...

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