River of Dancing Gods by Jack L. Chalker

By Jack L. Chalker

Anything unusual occurs to Joe and Marge to be able to El Paso. They run into Throckmorton P. Ruddygore, an odd wizard who informs them that they're going to die in nineteen mins and eighteen seconds. **** yet additionally they have a decision. they could abandon the present international by way of taking a ferryboat around the Sea of desires to a brand new existence in a brand new international, choked with magic, fairies and beauty. **** yet in addition to all its wonders, the recent international can also be the positioning of an old conflict nonetheless being fought among the forces of Evil and sturdy, and the forces of Hell threaten to unharness perpetual darkness. **** Joe and Marge not just want their wits to outlive during this unpredictable and hazardous global, yet needs to by some means aid hinder the oncoming Armageddon.

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He was used to the look she was giving him and past minding. " he called to her in a calm yet wary baritone. "Don't worry—I don't bite. A trucker going the other way spotted you and asked me to see if you was all right.. Oh, what the hell, she decided, resigning herself. / can always jump out again. "I need a ride," she said simply. "I'm kind of stuck here.. He walked over to her, seeing her tenseness and pretty much ignoring it. He picked up her bag, letting her get her purse, and went back to the truck.

You're not having second thoughts now, are you? Either of you?. Joe looked at the woman, and she shrugged and gestured ahead with her hand. "Guess not," Joe replied dubiously. As Ruddygore led the way, first she and then the trucker followed, still more than a little uncertain of it all. Page 18 Chalker, Jack L - The River of the Dancing Gods Even stepping onto the ribbed metal of the car deck, they both felt an air of dreamy unreality about the whole thing, as if they were in the midst of some wondrous dreaming drug or, perhaps, comatose and in some fantasy world of the mind.

Oh, Ruddygore isn't an 'it,' sir," the strange man replied. "You see, I'm Ruddygore. Throckmorton P. " He doffed his top hat and made a small bow. "At least, that's who I am when I'm here.. The driver gave an exasperated sigh. "Okay, that's it. Forget it, buddy. I'll find my own way back.. "The way back is easy, Joe," Ruddygore said casually. "Just follow the road back. But you'll die, Joe—nineteen minutes eighteen seconds after you rejoin your highway. A second storm with hail and a small twister is up there, and it's going to cause you to skid, jackknife, then fall over into a gully.

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